about us

We here at the Academy strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience via training our students in horsemanship, ranch hand skills, and induction into the Western lifestyle.

Our Mission

The Mission of the American Cowboy Academy is to provide anyone the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of horsemanship, the skills and knowledge of Ranching, and love for the way of life. 

By training our students in-person, we aim to show that Ranching is not easy work and caring for livestock is more than just feeding and watering. 

Ultimately, The ACA exists to allow anyone, no matter their background or experience, the opportunity to become an American Cowboy. 


Our Values

At the Academy, we hold our selves to the highest standard in the treatment of our animals and students. We exemplify the values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. 

We not only hold true to our values but aim to instill them into each student that takes on the challenge of the American Cowboy Academy.