Horsemanship and Ranching 101

Most students attend our Horsemanship and Ranching 101 Course.  This course immerses students in a 5 Day Intensive learning environment. Students spend 10-12 hours a day honing in their horsemanship, learning the skills necessary in ranching, and expanding their understanding of the industry. 

Horsemanship and Ranching 101 is best fit for students with limited or no previous experience in Ranching. 

From $2,750

Advanced Horsemanship and Ranching

Already have your own horse and tack? Looking to learn more disciplines within the Western Industry? 


Our Advanced Level Course is tailored to you based on your previous experience. If you’re looking to broaden your horizon or hone in on a specific skill set this is for you.  

From $3,250

Why We Love Teaching

We know that not every person was born with the opportunity to ride horses and be involved in agriculture. That’s why we created the nation’s first program where students can learn from our years of experience, mistakes, and successes. 

40+ Years of Combined Experience

100% Satisfaction Rate

Quick Turnaround to Apply Your Newly Learned Skills

Accepting Students from Anywhere