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The cornerstone of Ranching and Western Agriculture has always been horses. Here at The American Cowboy Academy we equip our students with top of the line, hands-on, Horsemanship training. From the hoof to the withers, our students get to learn our equine friends from bottom to top.


The American Cowboy Academy not only trains students to become proficient horsemen but also instills the necessary knowledge to partake in Ranch Hand duties. Building different kinds of fence, operating tractors and PTOs, understanding of ranch water systems, trailer hauling, manure management and much more.

Hands-On Learning Environment

Students who attend The American Cowboy Academy spend their time on the facility learning from instructors who have spent their life in agriculture. Students are provided on-site housing, access to many different horses, meals and full immersion into the lifestyle.

Colorado 2024 Ranching and Horsemanship Schedule
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The American Cowboy Academy will be offering training in the beautiful White River National Forest in Western, CO


Who is The American Cowboy Academy For?

The ACA was designed to provide training to any individual, from anywhere, who has a strong desire to embrace the lifestyle of today’s Ranching world. If you are looking to expand your horsemanship horizon or gain the necessary skills to become an asset on an outfit- The American Cowboy Academy is for you! 

The American Cowboy Academy Course Schedule

The Academy has operated in Montana, Texas and now is in Tennessee. Click below to view dates for classes at our Tennessee Campus. 


Where are ACA students from?

Whether you’re from a small town or a big city the ACA is for you. 


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"The classes were taught very well, the food was amazing, and I had a great group of people to work with- both instructors and classmates. My favorite part was working cattle from Horseback."

Anthony E.


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