What to Expect at the Academy

Class Expectations

Experience hands-on, in-person classes open to all ages and genders. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at no extra cost. Classes run Monday through Friday, with Sunday arrival from 5:00-7:00 pm (notify us of any variations). The official class conclusion is on Friday, with an optional stay until Saturday morning for additional activities, such as skill reviews and socializing around the fire.


Lodging is bunkhouse-style, and meals are served family-style, fostering a communal atmosphere. Students are encouraged to participate in meal preparation. For travel, Colorado facility is accessible via Aspen/ Pitkin County Airport (ASE), and transport can be arranged. Driving attendees will receive appropriate directions upon request.

  1. Horsemanship

    • Catching, feeding, and handling horses
    • Moving horses, stall care, doctoring, and hoof care
    • Introduction to various tack styles
    • Proper evaluation and saddling of horses
    • Groundwork and horse training
    • Riding skills, roping, cattle work, and trail riding
  2. Ranch Water

    • Evaluation of water sources
    • Pumps, plumbing, water troughs, and float systems
    • Basic electrical introduction
  3. Fence Work

    • Ranch fencing construction
    • Optional basic welding (time permitting)
    • Electrical fencing
  4. Truck/Trailer Operations

    • Trailer evaluation and safety
    • Hooking up to different trailers
    • Moving and parking trailers
    • Loading/unloading horses safely
    • Trailer maintenance and equipment recommendations
  5. Tractor Work

    • Tractor operation and maintenance
    • Moving dirt, round bales, etc.
    • Using PTO and shredder
    • Camping

  6. Camp building and cooking
      • Weather considerations
      • Knife skills and safety
      • Fire building and survival skill

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