Horsemanship and Ranching 101

Everything You Need to Know

Course Description

 Horse care

· Catching, feeding and handling horses

· Moving horses to paddocks, stall care, doctoring, hoof care. 

· Introduction to various styles of tack including saddles, bits, spurs, ropes, etc. 

· How to properly evaluate a horse to ride, how to saddle and tack up. 

· Groundwork and horse training 

· Horsemanship and riding skills

· Roping

· Cattle work

· Trail Riding

Ranch water – how to evaluate water, pumps, plumbing, water troughs, float systems 

· Use of tools and equipment to repair plumping. 

· Water troughs and float systems

· This also includes some basic electrical introduction. 

Fence work overview 

· Tear down and building standard ranch fencing from start to finish

· Time and student interest permitting we will get into some basic welding. 

· Electrical fencing

Truck/trailer work – trailer evaluation and safety 

· Hooking up to different styles of trailers. 

· Moving trailer including backing up and parking. 

· Loading/unloading horses and tack. 

· How to haul a horse safely. 

· Trailer maintenance and recommended equipment. 

Tractor work

· Operation, 

· Maintenance

· Moving dirt, round bales, etc.

· Using PTO and shredder

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